Miss Maisy's Monthly

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Greetings dear friends! Are you ready for a culinary adventure to be delivered to your mailbox? 

Subscribe to get one letter and a meal’s worth of index cards per month from “Maisy,” describing her adventures making new friends, discovering new traditions, and tasting the best that each have to offer.

Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels is a subscription and your card will be charged $7 once per month. Your first payment will be processed immediately and your letter will be sent out 2-7 days after. Each letter thereafter will be charged on the 10th of the month and mailed before the 17th. Postage costs will be added to each charge and will vary based on your location. ($0.50 domestic and $1.15 international).

You are able to cancel, skip, or update your subscription at anytime... to do so, be sure to create an account at checkout and save your login information! If not, you can email us and we will happily assist you.