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Monthly Inspiration

Join Miss Maisy on her culinary travels as she experiences marvels in different places each month. Her adventures are the perfect way to sample classic dishes with diverse roots - from a soul-warming dinner in Scotland to a firework-filled New Year's celebration in China.

Packed with friends, adventure, and meals to remember, each hand-illustrated letter arrives with recipe cards so you can create your own feast at home.

Miss Maisy's Tasty Travels are a refreshing and unique way to learn about culture and foods from around the world.

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Alongside a brilliantly illustrated letter from Miss Maisy, you can also order a unique recipe box to store your monthly recipe cards.

Each box is a hand-made work of art, made from reclaimed wood and lovingly treated with Danish Oil to protect it for years to come. 

Manilla dividers are included to help you sort your recipes - both new and old. 

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“I subscribed for my 80-something year old mother. She adores this letter service, and being a longtime cook, she loves the recipe cards inside!”

Diane, Washington

“My 11-year-old LOVES getting mail each month from Maisy! We cook the recipes every month and she’s been learning so much!!!”

Lindsay, Maryland

“We love getting Maisy’s letters every month! We use them for lessons about each area she visits, and we love cooking the dishes on each recipe card each month!”

Clara, Virginia

The journey awaits.